Religious texts are those sacred and central to the teachings of nearly every faith. Each convey the spiritual truths, establish an understanding and connection with Source, and foster spiritual practices.

As young people beginning our way in the world, we may explore and apply the truths found within each sacred text we are introduced, along with support and guidance from those practicing longer than we, and begin our search for added or deeper connection with Divine Source, in the name that resonates. As we work with these sacred words, the meaning of their message illuminates our soul bringing joy to our hearts.

There are all types of written works, in addition to those that are formally acknowledged as sacred text, that are illuminated in thought, word and substance. These books, when we hold them in our hands, and read the words on the page, resonate with us on the level of our heart and soul. The energy of all of these sacred works originates from their level of Truth.

Our personal sovereignty is strengthend from within, supported by Divine Source so as to share our beautiful light, gifts and harmonic energy in cooperation with the universe. Keep those vibrationally lifting texts nearby for your daily energetic lift. Many Blessings!

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