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Holistic Living Coaching Package

The Foundation

Supports you and your goals for building a strong foundation for healthy living. This course is fundamental, yet incredibly important. It focuses on the physical aspect of living, and how to do so organically.
There are 7 Lessons Included.



This course significantly expands the subject matter to include the impact of energies on both the physical and subtle body. Although not always seen with our physical sight, their impact can be felt on multiple levels. It is in their application that you find the benefit to your body, mind, and soul.
This Course begins with the Foundation. There are 34 Lessons Included.


Our Philosophy

This course focuses on Spirit. We also introduce the Philosophy of Holistic Living, and how to incorporate it into daily life. The focus of this study is living a life of Peace, Joy, and Harmony. This Philosophy is successful no matter where you are in life!
This begins with The Foundation and Energy Courses. There are 46 Lessons, Varied writing materials, Our Holistic Living Philosophy, Zoom call with your Coach, and a Certificate of Completion Included.

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Treat Yourself to the Philosophy of Holistic Living