Happy August!

The Collective energy this week feels a bit in the headspace, emotional, and easily triggered.  As Earth continues to Ascend into a 7D frequency field, humanity needs to shed anything that does not align.  This is why one may feel a bit anxious, fearful, too in their heads, or out of place.  You must ground your energy well this week!  Do not allow yourself to become over emotional.  If you do feel the need, release the emotion and then let it go.

It is important to remember to practice your visualization techniques!  Humanity is manifesting as we go.  Make sure you are picturing AND feeling the peace, joy, unconditional love, and abundance you want to create in the earth space… and not doubt, fear, lack, or anything else of a lower vibration.  This will create magic! 

We have new beginnings anchored in truth (of a higher consciousness) coming through now.  Can you feel that?  Meditate on it to connect more with this frequency.

Doing the self-work is the ONLY way to raise your frequency.  This is a constant process, with no end.  So, if one feels like they’re done.. it is not the case.

The Collective is split into different frequency groups at the moment.  What is important is to focus on YOU and YOUR frequency.  Everyone else will fall where they may.  That is their responsibility.

This week you may feel intense energy coming through your crown chakras.  If you feel it is too much at times, do something that brings you back to earth.    Bake, cook, exercise, garden, organize, play with your kids.  Whatever keeps you the most grounded and centered!

Clear and shield your energy everyday.

Holistic Living is here to help Guide you through this transition!

Much Love,