Happy Monday!

Breathe!  This week we are integrating high frequency DNA codes and activations.  As a Collective, we are experiencing a MAJOR Heart Chakra expansion.  This includes purging through our Akashic Records anything that does not serve our higher self, while simultaneously healing.  This is massive!  With this does come physical uneasiness, at times.  We may feel anxiety, chest pressure, throat pressure, head pressure, lightheadedness and sleep disruptions.  Yoga, taking walks, sitting in nature will help keep you grounded and allow these energies to work themselves into your field.

Some of you have decisions to make this week.  I feel you overthinking.  This choice will involve you standing in your power, in some way.  If you do not, you will change a potential timeline for yourself.  Be mindful!

Our angels want us to rest as much as possible, and eat what our bodies are asking for, in order to support the physical self during this process.  You may feel differently in various ways.  It’s OK.  Let your body do what it needs to do.  Refrain from using alcohol, limit sugar intake, drink extra filtered and/or alkaline water, keep solitude, and ground.  These are necessities at this time.

Connect with your inner child!  Laugh!  Play games, pamper yourself, watch a movie you loved as a kid.  Do things that bring Joy right now.  It will help you to stay grounded during this transformation.

I am here for those of you who need Private Readings.

Much Love,


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