Happy Sunday!

There is an intensity to this week’s energy.  As the Collective progresses, we will clearly see the split timelines of individuals.  Many chose to stay and build new earth, and many chose not to.  You will clearly see who is on which timeline going forward.  

Emotions may be very scattered this week as we clear out Akashic Karma and exit that loop.  Some may feel angry, anxious, nervous, guilty, shameful… while others will feel relieved, joyful, calm, and loving.  The choice is yours. We must simply hold space for those possibly having a more difficult time during this process.

Clear the past, rest, meditate, spend time by yourself, and truly practice your thought process.

Symptoms that may be felt include dizziness, headaches, third eye pressure, throat irritation, heavy chest, heart palpitations, appetite changes, stomach issues, and muscle aches.  The Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras are those that may need support this week.

Practice your Intuitive senses, however that looks for you!

The Collective will be tested on a grand scale, so we need to make sure we are seated above that chaos.  We do not react emotionally, but simply stand in our power.  Period.

Everyone’s journey at this point looks different.  Some may be triggered by us, which is fine.  Hold space with light and keep a boundary in place.  Some may be inspired by us!

Humanity is going through a beautiful transformation!  Butterflies all around us.  Light all about us.  Can you see it?  Feel it?

Sending Light,