Happy September!

Hello Ascension symptoms!  This week is full of them.  You may be experiencing extreme fatigue, head pressure, third eye pressure, changes in appetite or stomach issues, and disrupted sleep.  Give yourself breaks when needed.  Rest and rejuvenation are incredibly important now.  Our bodies are upgrading and processing at a very fast rate.  We need downtime to properly adjust.

I am hearing we all need to be more generous this week.  The collective is divided into two uneven groups.  We have the Awakened souls that are exhausted and very impatient.  On the other hand, we have the Unawakened souls that are angry and projecting those feelings outward.  We must continue to focus on our own frequency now!  THIS is what helps the collective rise.  It is doing more than you know.  Clear the path for new dynamics to enter your life.

Some of you need Mentors to help personally Guide you.  This is something everybody needs at some point in their life to help push them into the next level of their Ascension process.

Archangel Raphael is waiting to work with many of you during your Healing Process.  Please call on him for help!  Wear Green gems, spend time near trees or in grasses, and picture his Emerald Green Light during meditation.  All of this will aid in your healing journey.  Allow those feelings to come up and be released.  Facing them head on is the only way one is able to let go.  Trust the Journey.  Stay Focused.  Do not fear.  You will be more than alright.

I feel this week may have us on a bit of a rollercoaster.  Understand, with the particular anniversary this upcoming weekend, you will see some false information being thrown out there.  Use your discernment.  Follow your Intuition as to what feels real, and not what you’re being told.  Pull out that inner Spiritual Strength we ALL have.  Follow my Live Videos for more on that!

Much more headed our way this month, so rest up, and be prepared.


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As Always, I’m Sending So Much Love & Light,