Happy Full Moon!

This week’s energy is forcing us to Let Go.  Let go of what is no longer serving your Higher Self, or your current frequency.  Get a New Story.  In order to move onto a higher timeline, we must first process and let go of the old.  What are you still holding onto that is not aligned?  This week will bring it all up and out so you can move forward!  Walks are needed.  Solitude is needed.  This will help the energy move through you!  Make sure you are clearing and cleansing your energy daily.

Ascension symptoms this week include: Headaches and head pressure, extreme fatigue, ringing in your ears, heart palpitations, and vivid dreams.


Be Generous and kind.  Humanity needs this now!

I see many of you walking away from toxic situations and habits.  Your soul needs you to do this.  You cannot move forward until the Universe knows you’ve learned the lessons.  Do you understand how that works?  Ask your Guides and the Angels to help, and Trust.

The Storm Is Behind you now.

Full Moons are a good time to write Release Letters of what you need the Angels to help you with.

A Beautiful New World is right at our fingertips.  Ask for it.  Take it.  Nurture it, and do not let it go!  You can do this.


As Always, I’m Sending SO Much Love & Light,