Happy Monday!

Archangel Michael is with you now.  He is helping the Collective to Let Go of fear and any lower vibrational energies that have stopped you from moving forward.  He asks that you call upon him to cut all toxic energetic cords, and ask him for protection.  Michael can be in multiple places across dimensions simultaneously.  Don’t feel like you are asking too much if you call upon him everyday.  His energy is ready and waiting for his name!

Your angels want me to remind you that you must call upon them for help as well!  If there is something you need, simply ask.

This week I see many becoming free of Hostile energies, and breaking bonds.  Good for you!  The tides are shifting and they are in your favor.  Keep going!  The more you step into your power, the more free you become!

Intuition and Awareness are becoming more apparent for the Collective now.  Those actively working on their Ascension Journey will be able to manifest from a Higher vibration now.  Keep meditating.  Stay grounded as your upper chakras begin to open up more.  Stay on your path.  You are safe and protected by the Universe.

Ascension symptoms:  head pressure or tingling, third eye pressure, lightheadedness, headaches.  You may feel extra tired, followed by extra energy bursts.  Keep moving your energy around.  Walk or yoga.  Ground.  Be in the flow  🙂

Sending So Much Love & Light,


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