Happy Thanksgiving!

Some countries have celebrated their Thanksgiving already, but here in the US, it is this week.  The focus of Thanksgiving is Gratitude.  Let this week be a reminder to make Gratitude a part of your daily routine.  It is how we create from a higher vibration!

Old paradigms are dissolving.  We are letting go of 3D attachments, including the financial system.  For the unawakened, this energy is confusing.  Now that Mother Earth has lifted, they are no longer residing in this frequency.  They feel it but cannot explain it.  They must choose to Ascend or Exit. 

Your angels are guiding you to seek solitude, and rest.  This is essential in raising your frequency.  You need to connect with your energy alone and get comfortable with it to further ascend.

Listen to your heart and follow your intuition!  Stand in your Light.

Balance yourself by clearing grounding, and shielding like we’ve talked about.  Be mindful of your thoughts.  They are magic that create your reality! 

Follow ALL intuitive instincts.  Humanity is opening their upper chakras now.  This means you are getting more guidance from your Angels.  Listen and follow from that, and NOT fear.

New Earth is here laying the foundation for those who can see it.  Can you?


As always, I’m sending so much Love and Light,


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