Happy Monday!

This week’s energy feels a bit scattered.  The high vibrational energy pouring into Earth is quite strong!  You may feel this with Ascension Symptoms.  Adults, children, and pets have been experiencing these!  You may feel it the most within your upper chakras this week.  Symptoms can include:  headaches, dizziness or lightheaded moments, head and forehead pressure, nose pressure, irritated throat, tight feeling in your throat, allergy like symptoms, dry or bloody nose, itchy skin, heavy chest, back pain, some may feel stomach aches, and dehydration.

We are purging from our Akashic Records.  This relates to the throat chakra.  If you are one experiencing this, you can wear light blue gems for support.  This also means you need to release what is causing the blockage to begin with.  Address it, get clarity, work through it, and let it go.  Some people realize there is an issue but choose to skirt around it.  This means they buy the gems, they take the salt baths, they walk in nature, they may even eat completely clean.  But what they are not doing is getting to the route source and creating an internal change.  This is the key.  This group within the collective have not fully shifted their inner selves.  That is how you evolve!  It is a full balance of all major bodies.  So, in other words, you can eat clean and wear all the gems you want, but if you’re not doing the heavy shadow work and making major life changes for yourself, you haven’t reached beyond the physical yet.  This is a common energy now within a group of awakened souls.  You’ll know when you’ve reached a new frequency when you have the ability to see yourself getting triggered, dropping into victim consciousness, becoming lazy on the self-work, or getting anxious and you stop yourself from going into those patterns.  

Humanity needs the upmost patience right now!  If you are always in a rush, or constantly looking for quick fixes, patience is a soul lesson you need to focus on.  Patience and flexibility are very important!

The Collective is going through so very much on every level simultaneously! Nobody said it would be easy.  Your souls have trained for this time.  You have every tool you need.  Keep going!

Sending Extra Love & Light,



If you are having a difficult time, please schedule a Private Reading for guidance!  We also have Coaching Packages designed for this transformation!