Happy May!

Well, we have a lot of energy swirling around us at the moment!  With the new moon, start of eclipse season this past Saturday, and multiple planets in retrograde, we are within healing chaos I’m hearing. In addition to this, we have our personal Ascension Journey.  WOW!

The need to stay grounded is crucial!  Our crown chakras are absorbing so much light, which may make you feel lightheaded for a few seconds at a time.  Our heart chakras are healing and expanding once again, so you may feel the pressure in your chest at times.  Self-care will help!  Finally, our solar plexus chakras are recalibrating.  The only thing helping this is to stand in your power and keep your ego at bay!

This week is asking us to slow down.  Seek solitude.  Get extra sleep.  Stop overthinking.  Please ask your Spirit team for help!  They can intervene if you ask.  Don’t forget, they are always with you.  You are not alone.

You are being asked to simplify your schedule.  Create an easier routine this week.  Focus on strengthening your intuition.  Clear and shield your energy at least twice a day!

Magical Souls- You are so much more powerful than you have been led to believe.  You are trailblazers, healers, inventors, creators and caretakers!  It takes my breath away the power humanity has inside of us.  Look within to find that energy.  It’s always been there… we have just been told otherwise. 

Reconnect yourself with the magic within.

Much Love & Light,



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