Happy Summer Solstice!

With the new season upon us, it’s always a great time to get organized!  Clear out what is no longer resonating within your physical space to make room for new energy.  This applies to all areas of life, not just your home ;)

Ascension symptoms are rough right now!  As we purge from our emotional bodies, we allow more light in through our crown chakras.  This may leave you feeling dizzy at times, spacey, anxious, ungrounded, exhausted, and dehydrated.  Physical symptoms to be felt this week may include headaches or head pressure, throat irritation, heart palpitations or chest heaviness, digestive issues, and muscle cramps.  (Of course, if you are overly concerned please check with your physician).

Overall, we will feel the strongest energy through the base, sacral, and crown chakras this week.  With the base chakra- we need to ground and focus on our inner child.  With the sacral chakra- connect more with our personal creativity, focus on balancing the masculine/feminine, and birthing something new.  With the crown chakra- you can ground more into your physical self by doing something extra earthy!  Make sure you are clearing and shielding your energy multiple times a day.

I’m hearing this week the collective will need much patience, solitude, spiritual focus, and rest.

Global financial changes are on their way.  “The matrix is no more”.

Soul contracts are ending, and new ones beginning.  This always helps you learn and evolve.  Remember, do not fall into a fear frequency.  Learn to be flexible.  Know that every soul has their own plan on earth.  You cannot intervene.  We must surrender anything of a lower vibration to the universe and be in their flow.


Much Love & Light,


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