Happy Last week of June!

What an energy this is!  We have duality taking place this week.

For a portion of the Collective, this is causing an inner battle of ego vs higher self.  They are anxious, fearful, egoic, in their headspace, and easily manipulated by what was 3D.  They are still of the old-world consciousness and are having a difficult time understanding what is taking place on our planet, both physically and energetically.  They are experiencing tower moments.

For the other portion, they are more in their personal power.  This group is actively on their Ascension journey and doing the personal work.  There is less fear and more gratitude and understanding.  They are experiencing more personal revelations and a newfound joy for life.

There is also a group that is awake to the systemic corruption, but not spiritually awakened yet.  This group will also experience tower moments.  This leads them to focus more on their Ascension journey.

Humanity will go through a major heart chakra clearing and expansion together.  It will lead Mother Earth into a physical 5D consciousness reality.  Pure unconditional Love for all is the center.

Everyone should continue to clear their energy, ground, shield, and focus on personal growth.  The more you learn and actively live within a higher frequency, the quicker WE ALL live this.

I see financial abundance ahead, soul families reuniting, soulmates coming together, and humanity living pure joy here.

Picture this every single day.

Much Love & Light,


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