Happy Independence Week America!

Oh Magical Souls, if you only knew how powerful you truly are!!  They are showing me the ‘power’ card and Archangel Chamuel is here reminding everyone to stand their ground.  The collective has ALL the power.  Not only as a large group, but as individuals.  Keep practicing that everyday.  It may be something as simple as setting boundaries to keep your peace, or speaking up to a so called ‘authority figure’.  The message is to stand in your power in all ways possible!  Never forget, YOU are in charge of YOU.

Your higher selves have been trying to communicate with you.  Have you felt that?  Can you see their signs?  Keep an eye out!

Your angels are reminding you to ASK them for help!  They are always around, but cannot break the bounds of free will unless asked.  Everyday, call on your runner guides for help.

This is your journey.  Do not let anyone else get in the way of your souls true path.  This is what the Great Awakening is all about!

We are receiving many upgrades and expansions with this ascension!  Our crown chakra (the color purple, placed above your head) is experiencing significant changes.  You may feel pressure in your head and face, have headaches or tiny momentary pains, feel anxious or loopy, feel dizzy in short spurts, and feel the break in time.  These are all normal with the ascension process.  Call upon Archangel Uriel for assistance if you are feeling strong symptoms.

Many Spiritual and Safe communities are being formed as we speak.  There are plenty more to come, and communities like ours will grow significantly!  If you are reading this, you are ahead of the majority and will need to assist others when their times comes shortly.

I am wishing everyone a Beautiful and Safe Fourth Of July Weekend with their loved ones.  That day is most important to our planet right now! ;)

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As Always, I am sending you all so much Love & Light,