Happy Monday!

Last week’s energy will carry into this week as far as intensity goes.  It is indeed a whirlwind of energy we are feeling.  We have several ‘Frequency Beams’, as I call them, pushing higher frequencies into the collective field.  This will FORCE people to integrate them.  Since we have free will, if they choose not to past a certain point, then they will essentially be on the same timeline with the disintegrating 3D.  This shift is happening before we can blink, and the physical space isn’t as slow catching up as it once was.  We MUST manage our own emotions, and practice patience.

There is a lot of anxiety in the Collective energy right now.  There is much fear of the unknown, egoic attachments, and physical stress.

This is why Intuition, and visualization techniques are your SUPERPOWERS!  We MUST visualize the end result, both individually and for the globe.  We are POWERFUL manifesters and co-creators of our worlds.  This is the time to tap into that power!

If you are struggling to understand and/or practice this, focus on your mindset and thought process.  Where are you emotionally overreacting?  What is the fear or trauma behind it which needs more attention?  As subtle as it could be, there is always something within the ego that drives that, unless you control it.  Catching and redirecting those thoughts are what sets you free.  That is self-mastery! 

Physical symptoms this week may include interrupted or excessive sleep cycles, dehydration, appetite swings, intense cravings, dizziness, excessive mucus production, heavy chest, water retention, and muscle aches.  Our bodies are working overtime to upgrade and adjust to each frequency level we rise to.

Since Mother Earth has Ascended into a Higher Space within the Universe, we are also acclimating to the changes in elements.

Ground, clear your energy, and get extra rest for balance.

Sending Light,