Happy May!!

We begin this new beautiful month with intense energy upgrades. If you find yourself unable to keep your eyes open, that would be why!  This is part of the extended “solar flash”, as some call it.  Stay well rested and grounded!

We also have the 5/5 portal this week.  As “5” represents change, this will only intensify the reboot feeling the Collective is experiencing.  Be mindful of sudden shifts in dynamics.

Physical symptoms to be felt may include dizziness, third eye pressure, throat irritation, heavy chest, extra mucus production, muscle twitching, anxiety, back pain, foot cramping, and dehydration.  These may be felt as we integrate this frequency into our physical systems.  This is new to our bodies, so give yourself space to rest and make sure to eat and drink high vibrationally.

May is going to be a bit wild!  Ride those waves, without an emotional attachment.  De-taching is a current collective lesson.  The over-emotions are not needed in new earth.  This is going to guide us into the new era of heart spaced communication/action.  Be patient.

All of that will be enough to focus on for this week!  If you are having a harder time, or have questions, please book a private reading here on the website.


Sending Love,