Happy Monday!

It’s the end of Mercury Retrograde, woo hoo!  This was a rough one for some.  Technology, transportation, and communication should flow more smoothly.

There is an intensity to this energy now!  We are getting ‘solar flares’ in waves.  They are upgrading us to fully activate our light bodies.  This means strong Ascension symptoms.. which can include headaches, dizziness, third eye pressure, spaciness, throat irritation, heart palpitations, stomach issues, nausea, muscle spasms and twitching, back pain, vivid dreams, and over all confusion for some.

We are integrating higher timelines now as a Collective.  This means that those who have activated the ability to time hop, may feel extra spacey/forgetful.  Do not be alarmed.  Meditation helps keep you centered with this.  Don’t forget!

Remember, not everyone is in the same frequency space.  That group are unable to grasp the concepts we discuss in our community here.  They will take their own tower moments as catalysts for growth or choose to leave at some point.  As staying within the 3D consciousness is no longer a valid option.  You can see it before your very eyes if you’re paying attention.  Hold space and send light.

The need to ground is necessary to keep yourself in a balanced physical vessel.  Be outside in bare feet as often as possible!  Seek solitude when you feel loopy.  Eat more foods, especially protein and fruits.

Seek the help of your Guides and the Archangels at this time.  They will provide more energy and signals for you.

Keep your ego in check.  Move forward.  Leave what doesn’t serve your higher self.

Rest and don’t forget to Laugh!

Sending Light,