Happy Summer Solstice Week!      (Winter for the Southern Hemisphere)                                                                                                                                                                                


We have more of our higher selves within our physical body at this time.  You may feel extra strong guidance this week, or an intuitive push towards something, so pay more attention.  Ask for what you want.  Visualize it and FEEL it into existence.  Visualization techniques are the strongest tool we have at this moment.

The High Frequency Light beaming earth right now is the strongest it’s ever been!  We have jumped timelines again as a collective and are now ahead of ‘schedule’ on our Ascension journey.  This always means faster towers moments, quick decision making, and personal power tests.  This isn’t for everyone, but it is the case for many.  Be mindful.

Expect Ascension symptoms to be strong in the upper chakras!  Ground in your lower chakras for balance.  Move your energy.  Dreams hold weight this week.  Many of you are being shown what your soul is up to in the higher realms.  Take notes.  Meditate on it.

Practice your intuitive gifts right now, we all have them!  

Something to note- you will NEED your third eye open for discernment purposes like never before.  Utilize it!

Sending Light,


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