Happy May!

This Week brings some incredibly intense Light Upgrades for us!  We may be feeling foggy, dizzy, head pain or pressure, ear pain or pressure, ear ringing, anxiety, interrupted sleep, extreme fatigue followed by bursts of energy.  The guidance for this is to Listen to your body!  Follow what it’s telling you it needs.  I’m hearing some people need to cut out toxic habits and substances.  Replace with a clean diet and lots of alkaline water!  Our bodies are processing A LOT right now.  They are requiring the fuel and rest to do so.  If you do not honor your body’s necessities at this time, you will have physical difficulties my Guides are saying.  Clear the Path for a new beginning!

Let go of attachments.  There is a group within the collective struggling to let go of the ‘Old World’.  It was not serving our higher selves, so the crumbling matrix was necessary!  We have a beautiful New Earth forming.  Believing is seeing.

I see contracts working out and balance being restored at this time.  My Guides are saying that Karma is now swinging back to people.  Keep the focus on your own vibration.  Don’t get caught up in everyone else’s issues I’m hearing.  That is up to them, not you.

The Angels of Love have things in the works for some people.  Many relationships are parting at this time(not just romantic).  Please understand this is how energy works.  You cannot be Living within different frequencies and stay on the same path going forward.  This is a New Earth with a much higher vibration, therefore it does not work how it used to.  This is a positive thing, even if you cannot understand it in the moment.  Trust in the universe.  Patience is needed.

They are showing me many celebrations ahead!  There are so many beautiful things to look forward to.

WE hold the power.  Remember that!

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