Happy Monday!

What a draining past week!  There is so much going on within all levels, we may still be feeling quite tired.  Go easy on yourself.  Get much rest.

You are in control.  Do not give your power away.  If you have not claimed your boundaries, they are necessary now.  If you need to pull back from people or situations, please do so.  It is for your own benefit, which is what keeps you functioning within a higher frequency.

Shield your energy as well.  Many low frequency energies & people are feeling weak at this time.  So they are clinging to Light energies, and trying to draw from that frequency.  Do not allow that to enter your field!  Cloak yourself in White Light every single day.  Grounding is also necessary, as the energy is about to get more intense.  Keep those feet firmly planted in the ground!  It will help lesson the physical effects for you.

Our Heart Chakras are still purging and expanding.  You may feel it directly in your chest, or feel that your emotions are a bit all over the place.  This is normal for the healing process.  Please allow whatever needs to surface to come up.  Feel the feelings of it, then release it for growth.

We are also getting significant Crown Chakra upgrades.  Our heads may continue to feel ‘off’.  Some may also be battling a personal mental conflict they are saying.  My Guides are telling me to stay OUT of your headspace, and lead with your INTUITION.

Appreciate what you DO have, and WHO you have around you in your support system.  If you feel like you are alone in this, you are not.  I will always be here to Guide you.

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