Happy Autumn Equinox!

The energy this week feels a bit aggressive to our nervous systems.  As we continue to purge through our Akashic, we may feel a variety of emotions.  There is also strong nervous/anxious energy within the Collective field.  It gives people a feeling of uneasiness. Keep your energy and homes clear, ground as much as possible, drink extra mineralized water, and rest more!  Boundaries will be critical with this energy as well.

Third eyes are getting stronger!  More are becoming more intuitive, more aware, and connecting with their soul’s energy.  (Even if they don’t realize it yet!)

Pretty soon, we will have a HUGE GLOBAL jolt to the Collective Energy.  It will immediately send us into a higher frequency, which in turn, will send many out of our earthly space.  This is part of the anxiety I feel in the Collective Energy.

I see two Victory cards as I type.  This will end up being the start of New Earth, physically speaking.

You can always ask your guides for help.  They are ready and waiting to assist you at all times.  Some of you are missing it!

Physical Symptoms to be felt this week include dizziness, headaches or pressure, throat irritation or pressure, heavy chest, stomach aches, muscle cramping, dehydration, itchy skin or rashes, and incredible fatigue.  Do your best to adjust accordingly!

At this point, our soul continuously renews its earthly contracts.  I feel we knew certain things going in, but not all details.  We are agreeing, or not agreeing, to particular details as we go.  Keep that in mind!  You can always consult with your spirit team on this, and I am here to help you if needed!

Sending Light,