Happy November!

Exiting a turbulent October, we begin November with a steadier energy.  We are being asked to focus on our daily routine, keeping our energy clear and grounded, while practicing gratitude.

We are constantly shifting both our individual frequencies, and collective, with each decision we make.  Are we standing in our power?  Are we speaking our truth and setting firm boundaries?  Are we choosing from love or fear?  These are what determine our timeline and how well we manifest in our lives.  It begins with your soul’s choosing.  Now we have the ability to alter as we go!  Remember this.

The higher one’s frequency, the more light you’re able to hold.  This means while integrating that high frequency, (you may) feel symptoms at times.  Some are head pressure, lightheadedness, third eye pressure, throat irritation, chest pressure, stomach upset, flu like symptoms, cold like symptoms, muscles aches, foot pain, hand pain, itchy skin, fatigue, and dehydration.

Give your body what it needs!  A few minutes of solitude time can get you connected with your intuitive senses.  Follow what your Higher Self is trying to communicate.

Ascending in a human body, plus our own soul’s plan, can feel like a lot at times!  Humanity is moving at such a fast rate now, that it’ll only continue to speed up.  We need to be able to keep our energy and physical body balanced in the process.

Get extra sleep and make time to enjoy something you love this week!

Sending Light,