Happy November!

This week began with a much-needed lull in the energy.  Our bodies needed the break from downloading such high frequencies.  When integrating said frequencies, our nervous systems get very triggered and overwhelmed.  Which means we may have felt anxious, unsettled, or generally irritated.  This is a normal part of the process at times.  Remember to include extra downtime when you feel this way.  No matter how busy we are, we cannot neglect our own energy or our own bodies!

The rest of this week feels like we could have spikes of random energy bursts, or chaotic moments.  BE the calm IN those times.  Be mindful of your own reactions and where you need to adjust your own energy.

Some of you may feel ‘stuck’ right now.  Please know that everything has its particular timing in divine order.  Even if we cannot understand the why, we must trust that universal energy has the ultimate perspective.  

Focus on what you CAN control.  Your energy, your body, your thought process, your decisions, and your ascension journey.  The rest isn’t for you to take on.

Intuitive senses are increasing BIG TIME for the collective!  Notice on what is literally being thrown in your face 😉

The Ascension symptoms from last week still hold.  Adding herbs, extra water, and sleep will be needed.

Don’t forget to meditate!

Sending Light,