Happy Tuesday!

Since the 11/11 portal on Saturday, we’ve had another collective purge.  The Divine Masculine was already purging, but this energy beam forced us all to do a clean sweep and release whatever doesn’t serve us in the next step of our journey.  We are grateful for each and every version of ourselves that got us through each and every stage of our lives thus far.  Now, we must make room for what’s to come!

With each “solar flare” that we receive, we may feel a bit under the weather, or plain exhausted.  Our bodies are trying very hard to keep up with the physical aspect of our Ascension process.  Give your body what it needs.  Don’t overwork yourself.  Rest well.  Do what brings you joy, dear souls.  Physical Ascension symptoms will vary by individual at this point.

The week began with a heavy spacey feeling!!  Some found it difficult to get through Monday with how odd the headspace felt.  Our brains need to re-wire themselves to break the 3D consciousness, which includes our senses.

It is a great idea to meditate and focus on your intuitive senses.  They are spiking, if you are mindful. Use this energy to your advantage.  It is wise to do so, as you will be ahead of the curve.

It is also common with each timeline jump, and there are hundreds, to feel a bit stuck or confused.  Don’t let this make you anxious or upset.  We all have these moments!

I’m tapping into a possibility for our ‘sight of light’ to change.  I’ve been getting this all night!  Which leaves no questions asked..per my guides.

Focus on YOU and your journey.  Utilize your magical gifts!

Sending Light,