Happy Monday!

We have been integrating massive amounts of higher 5D energy!  Remain grounded, and spend time in nature.  Base chakras are purging many 3D fears and past traumas.  It is important to be honest with yourself.  There is a good group of the collective that is still in denial, and deflecting that onto those around them.  We must be willing to acknowledge what we need to do differently.  For the rest of the collective, please don’t take that personally.  Let your intuition lead you!

Even though we are in Spring allergy season, Ascension symptoms are similar to an allergy attack or bad cold.  This week you may be feeling increasingly stuffy, itchy, congested, tired, and dehydrated.  Make sure you continue to drink plenty of water (add lemons or organic fruits).  Bump up your vitamins, and add Immunity Herbs to your daily regimen!

The Universe is realigning you now.  Do not resist.  Surrender your fears, and trust in the divine.  Be mindful of what you need to remain balanced.

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