To all who celebrate Thanksgiving this week, the spirit of gratitude is already in the air.  Take extra time each day to focus and manifest from that space.  Not only does it draw more to you, but it keeps you at a higher vibration when dealing with possible triggers…  ;)

The energy this week is starting out pretty calm.  If you can sleep more, please do.  Your body and mind both need the extra rest.  Since the 11/11 portal, our brains are really trying to deprogram.  It’s not easy, but necessary in order to fully step into the new earth energy.

There is much going on with the animal kingdom right now.  Remember, they are a step ahead of humans.  This means they are beginning to cross into the 5D physical reality already.  This is new for them and there is SO MUCH to get used to!  Anxiety, digestive issues, and low energy are to be felt by our pets.  Be mindful and give them some extra love and physical attention.

Humanity is clearly divided energetically speaking.  We can see who is, and is not, on a higher timeline.  This will increase as the old-world energy continues to disintegrate.  Those on the lower timelines will follow.  We can hold space with light, nothing more, as it is their personal journey.

Ascension symptoms may be felt in the crown, third eye, throat, and heart chakras most this week.  GROUND.

Calmly standing firm in your power is critical right now.  Practice this when you are triggered or tested.


I hope you enjoy your Holiday week!  I wish you all nothing but joy and peace.  Sending Love your way.