Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

This week’s energy is strong leading us into our 2024 energy!  We had the Full Moon in Cancer which brings up many emotions.  Add Mercury retrograde ending on 1/1, and this week ending may feel like a relief to some!

Ascension symptoms are intense at the moment.  We have EXTREME fatigue, dizziness & spaciness, appetite swings, nausea, digestive changes, muscle cramping, itchy skin, dehydration, vivid dreams, and an overall sense of feeling out of it.  Roll with what our body needs.  It’s important to give yourself breaks during this time.

Something that is coming up strong in the collective energy is the need to slow down!  Slow the schedule down.  Ease into your mornings.  Stop rushing so much.  Calm your anxiety.  Our nervous systems are forcing us to look at our lives and see what needs to be addressed.

Close out 2023 by releasing the old that no longer serves you and get ready to bring in a new, higher timeline.

Next Update will be later next week.

Sending Light into 2024,