Happy 2024!!  We hope you had a beautiful and well rested Holiday Season!  If you weren’t able to rest, make sure you give yourself a break now that January has begun.

Technically speaking, the new calendar year should begin April 1st.  So, if you don’t connect with the feeling of a “new year” or new energy, that would be why.

What this week has brought is the end of two planets in Retrograde, therefore, the end of many delays.  For that, we can celebrate!  This energy does pave the way for new higher vibrational timelines to emerge in the physical.  Make sure to align yourself with the highest frequency possible.  Many shifts and switches taking place.  Overdue.

Extreme fatigue and thirst will be apparent this week.  Added ascension symptoms will vary based upon the individual.  As usual, listen to your body.  Our physical bodies are strong and are not afraid to communicate with us.  The question is, are you listening?

You will feel an odd sense of time going forward.  It seems to be flying by, all of a sudden.  This is how you know the collective frequency is rising and we are stepping more into a 5D physical space.

Everyone is moving forward as they choose.  You have every ability to live in the 5D world.  You also have the ability to fall back into a 3D space, if you choose.  This is why thoughts, feelings, and words are incredibly magical.  Those are the drivers.  Be mindful and conscious of your own self.  That’s where your control is.  

As I’ve talked about before, be discerning with fear.  Don’t allow a person or situation to determine your frequency.  YOU are in control.  YOU decide what happens in your life and what does not.  While you cannot control others, you can control your boundaries and choices.

Choose wisely, dear ones.

Sending Light,