Happy 1/11 Portal!

This past weekend was an energy lull as we exited retrogrades and got a minute to breathe!  The week ahead feels a bit lighter but a little scattered.

You will need to ground your body, as we continue to take in a very high intense frequency.  It is a good idea to plan a few minutes each day to meditate, however that looks like for you.  Otherwise, you will become too distracted to get clear intuitive knowing.  You may feel the need to sleep more, so plan on doing so.  Some people do well with periods of downtime to just ‘be’, rather than sleep more.  Either way, expect your body will need it. 

Our throat chakras are purging and clearing again so you may experience sore throats, loss of voice, or a general irritation with the throat.  Ginger, mint, and salt in your water will certainly help.

Connecting with our inner child is important during this ascension process.  It’s coming up for this week.  Anchor into whatever brings you true joy and laughter.  If you cannot think of what that maybe, then you have to take a look at yourself and how you need to adjust your lifestyle.  It is not acceptable to put ourselves last.  We need full cups in order to be strong for our children, families, mission work, and community.  There’s no room for excuses.  Allow yourself the room to have a little fun, without guilt.  Otherwise, you will not make it through this entire process successfully.

Mild flu or cold like symptoms may be possible in waves this week.  Seems to come and go.  Adjust as needed.

I feel odd weather happening this week, all over the world.  Be mindful, without fear.

Sending Light,