Happy Sunday!

Last week’s energy is carrying over into this week.  Your timeline will certainly determine your experience during Ascension.  It can be creative and inspiring…or it can be rough and triggering.  Which is it for you at this time?  Those around you may have a different frequency, which is ok.  Frustrating, but OK.  Everyone has their personal journey under Divine Order.  Focus on yours, while holding energetic space with Light for those people.

We will need to keep our energy fields clear, and our physical bodies grounded.  Utilize all tools for this each day.  Practice gratitude and visualize while you meditate.  Extra sleep is still required.

Physical symptoms this week are to be felt more in the upper chakras.  Dizziness, third eye pressure, possible headaches, throat irritation or what feels like a tightening, heavy chest, appetite changes, anxiety symptoms, and itchy skin are common.  It will vary depending on what you’re purging, how much Light you are integrating, and how easily your nervous system gets overwhelmed.  Hang in there!

Learning more through spiritually scientific books, research, various classes, personal readings, and spiritual practices will be VERY beneficial.  The combination of things will truly help you understand more about yourself, and humanity as a whole.  It will unlock doors you didn’t even realize were there.  You just have to take the leap! 

As always, follow your body’s direction.  They are their own consciousness.  Pay attention to your intuitive compass.  It never fails you.


Sending Light,