Happy Monday!

Remain centered this week, as there is SO much going on with the Collective!

Your angels are asking ‘what do you love?’  What is your passion?  What brings you joy?  When you get in touch with your Higher Self, then you can begin to feel the answer to this question.  Bring more of this into your daily routine.  This is what will help raise your frequency!

There is strong Moon Energy this week!  Also, most are still feeling the ascension symptoms.  This includes: ringing in your ears, third eye pressure, extreme fatigue, dehydration, vivid dreaming & interrupted sleep.  Many are shifting gears on their timelines I am hearing.  Those who are ascending are being directed onto a higher timeline.  However, those who are choosing not to personally ascend will further descend, causing many physical health issues for themselves.

They are showing me a different grouping that will face temptation now as part of their ascension journey.  This is a universal test in mastery, do not give in.  You need to master the lesson to move to that higher timeline.

My Guides show me the Magic Card, which means each soul needs to go within and unlock the magic that resides there!

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Sending So Much Love & Light To You,