Happy February!

The 2/2 Portal is still bringing in VERY intense Light through our planet.  For those who are able to handle the integration, they are doing so at a much higher rate than ever before!  Which is why extra sleep is needed.  Grounding is needed.  Energetic protection is needed.  

The Divine Masculine is purging old dark energetic timelines through their energy fields.  This is why they may be extra triggered.  Crabby moods, irritation, arguing, lack of joy, and anxiety may be heavily present until this is released.  They are in the wave after the Divine Feminines.  The Masculines are not as intuitive by nature, so they may attribute these moods to other causes.  This purge will force them to see what is NOT in alignment in their lives.  Whether they CHOOSE to see that, and make a change, is their choice.  While other Masculines may just be purging, and feeling extra drained.  Your soul and human frequency makes that determination.

The Collective as a whole may be experiencing lucid, busy dreams.  These are not as much dreams, as they are truly a look into what other parts of your soul are doing on various spaces in t-i-m-e.  It is a part of the purge, part of the collective earth clearing, and part of the ascension process for us all.

Depending on your ability to see yourself and others without judgement, you may get more detailed information, or less if you cannot reserve personal emotions.  Be mindful of what is being shown to you this week.  Take notes if you need to.  This is all a wrap up of karmic clearing for us all.

Physical symptoms may vary depending upon what your body is doing.  Listen to its direction.  Allow yourself to feel, release, and move on.  That is how we evolve!


Sending Light to You,