Happy Sunday!

The Collective feels grounded, yet a tiny bit scattered this week.  As we continue to release lower timelines, karmic ties, and toxic ancestral patterns, we may feel all of that energy at once.  It may be overwhelming and cause anxiety for some.   Others may feel a sense of relief and peace.  Whereas a small group will not be able to tolerate this.  

I will say Lightworkers are AMAZING!  It’s been ROUGH.  Now, we are taking this frequency in so well and getting better by the day.  Bravo!

Lets remain grounded, patient, calm, and joyful this week.  Use all the tools, if need be.

Upper chakras may feel pressurized, you may feel waves of nausea, fatigue, dehydration, itchy skin, cramping muscles, and cold like symptoms.  Listen to your body.  Lucid dreaming will be prevalent.  Your guides will communicate there.  Your soul is always busy, and the dream state can be a glimpse of that!

I feel many questions and answers being flown around this week.  Write them down if you need to.  Many of you will be able to ‘read’ the energy for yourself ;)

Sending Light,



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