Happy Leap Year!

This week has a funny energy to it.  In one way, we have a heavy emphasis on resting and downtime.  The need to relax more and rush less.  Strong integrations took place over the weekend, and our bodies need to recoup.

On the other hand, we’ve got a heavy purge with old karmic loops, lower vibrational timelines, and akashic traumas.  We are feeling these energies, and they leave our energy fields.  This may trigger you or create anxiety.  Recognize that this is not a present energy and release it.

Our dreams will be intense this week!  Your guides are showing you what your soul’s energy is up to.  Take notes when you wake up.  Try to read them and discern what is going on.

Physical symptoms to be felt may include cold symptoms, upset stomach, sore throat, itchy skin, dehydration, and extreme fatigue.  Listen to your body!

There is so much abundance to come for the collective.  I feel its energy in the air.  That usually means the money system is shifting, even if we haven’t been able to see it yet.  It’s very much there in its physical form, waiting to be of service.  Prosperity is within our reach.

The Collective will begin to live out the timeline they have chosen.  This will be wonderful for some, and not so much for others.  If you could surround Mother Earth with the violet flame and golden white light while you meditate Xo

Sending Light,