Happy Easter Week!

What a whirlwind of energies we have going on!  Between Eclipse season, pre mercury retrograde, and the frequency beams hitting our earth space, we are in for some heavy Ascension symptoms and tangible shifts!

Eclipse energy is all about letting go of what no longer serves our highest good.  Boundaries, speaking your truth, and focusing on your higher self will be the key to getting through it successfully.  If there are any areas you are still living in your shadow, it will be illuminated!

Between March 25th and April 8th, we will be in such an intense powerful movement, it’s best to be in the flow and not resist it.  You won’t feel well if you do fight it.

Physical Ascension symptoms may include flu or cold symptoms, stomach upset and heartburn, sore throat and no voice, dizziness, itchy skin and scalp, joint pain, lower back pain, lucid dreams, heavy chest or anxiety, and a general forgetful feeling.  These may vary depending on the individual and frequency. 

We are still in a heavy collective purge of all lower past timelines from past lives here on earth.  You may be shown more details in your dreams or get little flashes of things while you are in a relaxed state.  Simply recognize them and release them.  You will feel its energy as it purges, this is normal.  It’s not something ‘evil’, it’s past energies that are no longer able to sustain in our earth space or energy fields that must go.

Try to relax this week.  For some, we are on Spring Break or Easter Break.  Be in the moment with your families and/or spend time nurturing your inner child.  It’s needed for your ascension process.  Your physical body needs the extra TLC as well.

May you have a Blessed Weekend,