Happy April!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Holiday with your loved ones.

We are in a huge shifting phase both energetically and physically this week into next.  It’s on such a massive scale that people are going to have a difficult time trying to understand what’s going on.  Like I’ve said before, frequency is currency.  Your personal experience going forward is going to depend solely upon this.  

We will need STRONG boundaries now.  Those around us may grasp onto whatever they can as they will begin to feel unsettled and imbalanced.  It’s not your job to hold their hand.  They have their own journey and their own timing.  We cannot be the one they take all their anger and frustrations out on.  It’s unacceptable.

Staying grounded is important as there will be times when we feel like we’re in the middle of nowhere…even as we sit in our living room at home.  It’s the energy of Ascension you are feeling.  When this happens, anchor yourself into the physical space by doing something that keeps you busy and calms you down.  It’ll pass and you can move forward.  

Sleep sleep sleep!  Your body and mind both need extra rest!  You won’t function properly during this without it.

The Heart Chakra is purging lower timelines and significantly expanding!  This is not an easy feeling on the physical vessel.  Our bodies are their own consciousness and need proper care and attention.  We are responsible for providing that.

With this purge of old, lower timelines, there will be a general sadness that may be felt.  This is the collective energy letting go of very emotional, traumatic experiences from the past.  There is heartache, heartbreak, grief, and aching sadness involved.  We do not want to stay in this energy.  We want to acknowledge its presence, thank it for providing growth, and release it for good.  This may be anything from your personal past lives, to your soul’s work in the higher realms, to the earth space itself, to many potential lower timelines and so on.  This purge was necessary before the solar eclipse energy provides a HUGE frequency jump next week.  

Healing on our personal and collective journey is not easy.  But it is necessary for our earth and soul’s evolution.  Hang Tight.

Sending Light,