Happy Eclipse Energy!

What a frequency this is!  It will continue for the next four days or so.  Remember, wherever you are at will be amplified.  Ride whatever wave you’re in and get more rest.  Physical Ascension symptoms to be felt include dizziness, vision changes, headaches, heavy chest, stomach upset, itchy skin and breakouts, constant thirst, low blood sugar, anxiety, joint pain, and back pain.

It’s important to listen your body!  You may have odd cravings or extreme hunger.  Give your body what it needs.  Drink plenty of water with the good salts.  I’d suggest adding extra iron and magnesium to your intake.

Eclipse energy is known to bring things in out of the blue and take things away just as fast.  Please know it’s Divine Order when these things happen.  

Pass any possible universal tests with flying colors.  Some of you may see it coming a mile away.  Cut the karmic cord so you can exit the wheel.  You got this!

Some of us may feel like we could sleep for days, while others may not be able to sleep at all.  Try to be patient with yourself.  Write down any dreams you have, and you can always ask me for clarity during a reading.  Our souls are hard at work and always busy bees.  Honor that and trust in your Higher Self.

Sending Loving Light your way,