Happy June!

Oh magical souls, there is so much happening all around and within us!

Throat Chakra purges are taking place this week.  That means speaking your truth, no matter what!  You may feel the physical effects with a scratchy or sore throat, or slight pressure on your neck.  These feelings are merely to show you that you have a blockage that needs to be released.  Start by speaking your full honest truth, respectfully.  Wear blue colors, and blue gems to support you.

Sacral Chakra is being shown to me as well.  This is where past relationship trauma gets stuck.  Eat orange foods, and try a trauma meditation for support.  All of this is needed to be processed and released for healing.

You are in charge of you!  You and you alone.  It is so very important that you do not give your power away.  Let your intuition guide you!

Take downtime as needed.  Between the planets shifting, and the Earth energies changing, our physical selves need more breaks.  It’s ok to relax and take time for yourself.  In fact, it is necessary during this process.

As I said in my June Tarot Reading, this month will be a bit all over the place.  So hang on!

I am available for Private Intuitive Readings, and Coaching!  You can purchase both here on the website.

Sending So Much Love & Light To You,