Happy Monday!

This week we are anchoring in the new frequencies after the eclipse.  Some people have decisions to make in order to elevate their timeline. They will be triggered, and you may be the one triggering them with your light.  That’s ok.  Don’t re-act.  Hold space and move forward.

The rest of us need to rebalance ourselves.  There is an intensity in the air!  We may feel an ‘out of body’ type energy.  It’s just our bodies trying to adjust.  Talk yourself through it to stay grounded.  Stay in your power. You’re ok, even if you feel crazy for a minute here and there 🙂

Physical symptoms this week may include cold or allergy symptoms, head pressure, sore throat, hives or itchy skin, scalp & ears, stomach issues, various unusual appetites, hot to cold symptoms in flashes, back pain, hand pain, heavy exhaustion and anxiety waves/heavy chest.  Listen to your body when it has cravings and increase your water and supplement intake.  Our bodies especially need extra iron, magnesium, and B vitamins during this.

We are in for a wild year and April is the beginning!

Sending Light,