Happy June!

This week is all about relationship dynamics.  Romantic partner, immediate family, close friends, business partners, and communities.  We are to release those who do not serve our highest timeline and purpose.  They will continue to present heavy challenges until we do.  On the flip side, we will draw closer to those that DO serve our highest timeline.  This means being and living our highest potential.  

I’m feeling a ‘fake it til you make it’ energy this week.  THINK AND FEEL as though you’re living heaven on earth.  As you do this, you will pull from the 5D energy of earth and manifest exactly that!  The energy for this is strong and there is enough to go around.

Some of you are looking for an earthly guide to help you on your journey.  Seek out masters of their crafts and learn as much as possible.  The potential for starting your own business is there, you just need to believe in yourself, and it can be done.

In whichever way possible for you, be generous to those trying to achieve a higher purpose.  This is a big time of change and the collective needs compassion and truth now.

Ascension symptoms will vary based on the individual.  Heavy frequency beams are expected on the 6/6 portal!  Ground and rest as much as possible that day.  You’ll need it!

Laughter really is the best medicine Xo

Sending Light,