Happy June!

I was Guided that the focus for everyone this week is JOY!  This raises our vibration and helps connect us with our true passion.

Much of the old 3D world is disintegrating.  You may be faced with issues or lessons that you have not fully dealt with.  They need to be processed before they can be released.  In order for healing to occur, these lessons must be learned.  Focus on what keeps circling back around to you.  What needs to be looked at?  What needs to be changed?  Are you in your power?  In the silence you will find your answers.

Each day we need to stop and take a little time to do what we love.  What brings you joy?  What connects you to your passion?  What do you need to do for YOU?  When you integrate this into your life, then you are on your way to your souls mission.

Many many changes are ahead!  Don’t resist them.  BE in the Universal flow.


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Sending So Much Love & Light to You,