Happy Monday!

“Dear Ones,

There are many collective upgrades taking place at the moment.  You may feel waves of intense emotions, head pressure or headaches, muscle soreness, and extreme fatigue.  You are in the process of purging past life karma, and healing what needed to be set free.  This can be quite intense on your physical host.  Give yourself the rest you need.  Allow yourself to feel and release.  It is not needed within this New Earth space.

Please stop the worry and fear.  Let It Go.  

It is important to step into your new roles on Earth at this time.  It is what you came here to fulfill.  This beautiful New World is being built right in front of your eyes.  Can you see it?

Follow your Intuition and let yourself flow into that higher timeline.  Release everything that does not align.

Karma balances out now.  Justice is restored.

We send unconditional Love to Earth beings during this transformation.  You are stronger than you may ever realize.

That is all for today.”

   ~Channeled Angel Messages Through Alyssa 

I, myself, will add that communication is very disrupted.  Don’t get over emotional about that.  Let it be for now.

Remembering who you truly are is critical now.  Humanity needs it.  Step into your power!


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Sending So Much Love & Light to You,