Happy Summer Solstice!

The energy this week opens the door for New Beginnings!

Your Angels are telling you to get a new story.  What you once went through and the story you told of yourself is not the path you’re now on.  Let the old stories go, and tell the ones you wish to make going forward.  This time you are incorporating your Spirit.

Throat chakra purging is still happening for part of the collective.  Speaking your full truth respectfully and honestly to those who need boundaries.  This is important for Spiritual Growth on a soul level.

This week shows many shifts and choices approaching.  There are certain decisions that you need to make.  I’m hearing you need to choose wisely.  These are lessons needed to complete karmic cycles for some, and for others it has to do with trusting the unknown.  The lessons have surfaced before, but are circling around for those who have no yet learned.  Once understood and completed, you begin your Ascension process.

There are many universal rewards ahead for those doing the spiritual growth.

Take extra time this week to Meditate and Feed your Spirit. 

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Sending So Much Love & Light to You,