Happy July!

What intense Ascension Symptoms we are having this week!  The collective is experiencing a significant crown chakra expansion.  We will still be feeling the same physical symptoms as I talked about in last weeks update.  As intense as this week is, there are many positive changes occurring for people.  As we ascend, we are also being shifted and re-directed onto our souls true path.  Be in the flow!

Throat Chakras are purging as we speak.  This is associated with a light blue color and represents truthful communication.  Make sure you are honoring yourself by respectfully speaking your truth!

I can see many of you are now standing in your power.  The angels are commending you!  Your higher self is there helping you stand your ground when you feel a bit anxious.  DO NOT FORGET to call upon your Angels and Guides and let them know you are open to their help!  They are always with you, just waiting to step in.

I am being guided this week that everyone needs to move their energy around more right now.  With the intensity of this higher energy integrating, our physical bodies are needing the extra love and attention!  Remember to drink extra clean water(non tap), organic foods, and do mild exercise or yoga, and meditate.  Make this a part of your everyday life moving forward, I’m hearing.

The Intensity this week may be a bit difficult for some.  When you feel this way, ground yourself outside and consider incorporating calming herbs and baths into your routine.  This will help ease the tension or anxiety.

Humanity is going through SO many changes and shifts, it is difficult to even put into words at times.  Remember, we are all connected and all together in this process.  Nothing is more powerful than humanity united!

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As Always, I am sending you all so much Love & Light,