Happy Monday!

This week, the Angels are asking us to Seek Solitude, and focus on ourselves.  It is critical for your Ascension journey.  Get extra rest, meditate, ground, and most of all enjoy yourself!  Call upon your Joy guides to come in and lighten the energy when you feel ‘off’.  When we are doing something joyful, or incorporating playful energy, we raise our vibration.  When you sit and create fear or worry around a personal, or worldly, situation all it does is draw to you exactly that you’re fearful of.  Which is not what we want!  Allow Joy and creativity to flow through your field 🙂

My Guides want me to remind anyone reading this that there will be some global diversions this week.  Do not fall for it.  It is not real, even if it appears to be the case.  There is SO much movement and SO much happening on a mass scale at the moment.  I am here to reassure you, nothing will be as it seems.  Follow your Intuition..  not your ego.  TRUST that your Higher Self can lead the way.

We are still feeling very strong Ascension symptoms this week!  Hang in there!

I am available for Personal Private Readings!  You may book here on the Website under the ‘Intuitive Readings’ tab, and scroll to the bottom for the calendar.

***I am hosting a group Guided Meditation and Mini Readings via Zoom this month!  If you would like to Sign Up, Please email or message me your email address, and I will Send a Link for Tickets!***

As Always, I am sending you all so much Love & Light,