Happy Monday!

This weeks energy involves Universal Tests of boundaries and personal power.  Keep this in mind if you are faced with a personal situation, or feeling completely drained.  What is it you need to do differently?  Is there anything you need to let go of?  Tell the universe what you want by being mindful of every thought and feeling around it.  Don’t forget to ask your angels for help!  You will notice how quickly things shift and fall into place.

All of our Angels are asking us to find our inner strength and bring it out for the world!  The more people standing in their power of Light, the faster we not only heal ourselves, but humanity as a whole.  We ALL play a part in that!  Call on Archangel Michael for courage and strength.

I want to remind everyone to be patient.  Do not get distracted and thrown off your path no matter what.  You have your spirit team here to back you up!

This week is bringing decisions for parts of the collective.  When faced with one, follow your Intuition.  What feels like the right thing for you? Which way brings you closer to your passion and mission work here on Earth?  Let those answers lead the way.  Keep fear and your ego out of it.

I want to personally add how proud I am of the people that have already stepped into their power, and those working on it!  This is the most difficult transitional time in human history here on Earth, so nothing about this is easy.  But isn’t it easier when you follow Divine Guidance, and know you have their support?  There is nothing you cannot accomplish, the only thing stopping you is you.  Do not forget that.

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I’m sending you so much Love & Light,