Happy Full Moon!

Big Moon Energy this week!  Some are still feeling many of the effects.  It is important to call upon Archangel Michael to cut cords and clear your energy field daily!

The collective, in one of two ways they’re showing me, is being asked to make a decision this week.  It could be related to putting boundaries up for your own health and well being, or it could be related to a career choice.  There are two groups within the collective being asked to decide.  Once you do, action is required.  Do not allow fear to enter your field.  Charge forward I’m hearing.  Patience will be needed during this process.  It is a process indeed.

Ascension symptoms for some of you will affect your Third Eye this week.  Focus on that during meditation.

There is very intense energy now and the collective is feeling it physically.  Sleep when you feel extra tired.  Allow yourself more downtime to rest.  Drink plenty of water and add organic fruits.  Eat clean.  Take walks, alone if you can.  Seek solitude and meditate.

Most of all, do the self work.  For those that are, you will continue to raise your vibration.  If you are not doing that self work, you will not be allowed access into the higher realms and will be bound by the 3D field.

Have patience and allow yourself credit for doing your part.

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As always, I’m sending so much Love & Light,