Happy August!

This is a highly intense week, with many shifts happening!  The angels are guiding us to rest and rejuvenate.  This is how we’re going to reconnect with our higher selves.  You are asking for signs, symbols, or synchronicities from your guides.. but some are not paying attention to them.  Our higher selves and guides are always working together to help us achieve our mission here on Earth.  We just need to listen and follow the path our soul is leading us to.

We will need to stay extremely grounded now.  Take walks, sit in the grass and meditate, soak up the sunshine.  This is how we allow the higher activations to integrate in our energy field and physical selves.  Bring yourself back to a basic routine and stay with it.

Above all, listen to your Intuition, not your ego.  Many are being big time triggered as their souls are pulling them further away from the 3D Matrix.  Many are cemented in Fear and lower vibrations.  These are the ones that will need our help once they awaken.  We need to show them compassion, and help be their Light.  This begins now.

There are financial changes taking place.  Some may see it this week.  We will all see this new system soon.

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I’m sending so much Love and Light to you,