Happy Lion’s Gate Portal! 

This is a very strong week for manifesting!  Keep a picture in your mind of where you want to end up.  Not how you’ll end up there, but what you want it to look like in the end.  Hold that in your mind and feel how it feels to be there.  When you keep visualizing and combine that with gratitude for being there, you draw it right to you!  This process will require you to stay grounded.  Make sure you are spending time in nature.  Walk around the grass and dirt in bare feet.  Let Mother Earth transmute your energy.

Many have a decision to make.  Are you in your power, or are you in fear?  Decide which way your soul goes.  It is only up to YOU.

We need to let go of 3D attachments and thought processes.  Our entire world is being dismantled and restructured.  Can you feel it?  Follow your own Intuition.  Call upon your Angels for Strength!

Continue to get Vitamin D from the Sun.  The Sun has incredible healing properties.  What we’ve been told about the Sun being bad for us is very misleading and inaccurate.  We NEED the Sun, especially now.  Spend at least 20 minutes outside if you can.

As we continue to go further through the Great Awakening, there will be a bit of chaos and heartache.  We are at War, after all.  That is why grounding, gratitude, and joy are crucial now.  Raising your frequency is what gets you through this successfully.

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