Happy Monday!

This week has unique energies.  I am being shown what feels like hostile energy.  In this Great Awakening process, we have a part of the Collective that is still asleep.  They are being hostile, angry, and misunderstanding those that are Awakened.  Why?  Because they feel their shadow side surfacing.  Your shadow side is anything, and everything, that you have not addressed or properly processed.  Once we do that, we are able to Let Go and Heal.  This group of the collective is being forced to wake up on a soul level.  They do not understand it, nor do they like it.  Those who are awake need to have patience now.  Do not take this personally.  That can be difficult in and of itself, but necessary during this.

My Guides are constantly telling me I need to bring up The Sun.  The Sun has changed and is sending out MAJOR Healing properties now.  Please spend time out in Nature under the Sunlight to absorb this!

Your angels are asking you to take a little downtime this week.  Some people are having a hard time with the outside energy and need Solitude.  They want you to use that quiet time to work on your Spirituality and Intuition.  (If you need direction or are looking to educate yourself more on this, please check out our Coaching Packages.  I would also suggest investing in a few books to help you Learn more).

This week there is a possibility you may hear of a Worldly Threat, exact words from my Guides.  Do not be alarmed.  There is no substance behind this, it is merely part of the World Stage in this Great Awakening Game, if you will.  We have plenty of off world protection now.  Please take this as it resonates.

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As Always, I’m Sending You So Much Love and Light,